Friday Link Love: Be My Valentine

Can’t believe it’s the 14th of February already, where has the time gone since Christmas???

anatomical heart

For me it’s just been a dirty nappy and baby sick fueled whirlwind but even in the depth of sleep deprivation and high blood pressure races back to the hospital, I still have to admit that I’m absolutely loving being a mum. Waking up with a tiny wee snuffling baby in-between you and your partner is not exactly the most romantic way to start Valentines day but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Baby crochet crown

Link Love:

❥ Ridiculously cute crochet patterns in this amazing book by Kat Goldin…

❥ Love these wierd Victorian love stories…

❥ Gorgeous pink wedding inspiration from the Bijou Bride…

 ❥ E.E Cummings inspired ‘I carry your heart with me” wedding shoot by Laura Babb photography featuring Rene Walrus accessories…


Have a wonderful weekend!

♥♡♥ Janet ♥♡♥

Janet McCrorie is designer, blogger and owner of Rene Walrus, an award winning jewellery design studio based in Edinburgh, making hand crafted, couture accessories for brides worldwide.
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How to get the perfect Heidi hairstyle

Long gone are the days of brides having tight sculpted hairstyles, hair-sprayed and lacquered within an inch of their lives.

bad wedding hair

These days most of my brides are looking for a soft, tousled, romantic up do and one such style is a firm favourite of mine, the heidi.

Heidi braided hair style

In fact it’s a style that I love so much that I used it in our latest collection lookbook…

Gold Feather Hairpins

And of course plaits are BIG news in the fashion world too at the moment and this trend is set to continue through 2014.

Heidi hairstyle fashion

So here are some links of how to DIY the heidi hairstyle yourself.

1. This first simple tutorial is great, I found it on Pinterest which is a great resource for finding DIY tutorials and inspiration…

heidi braid hairstyle tutorial

2. And here’s a video tutorial for a more tousled look…

Well what are you waiting for? Have fun braiding!

♥♡♥ Janet ♥♡♥

Janet McCrorie is designer, blogger and owner of Rene Walrus, an award winning jewellery design studio based in Edinburgh, making hand crafted, couture accessories for brides worldwide.
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Monday Moodboard: Pink to make the boys wink

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner I thought I’d share a little pink inspiration as pink is the perfect way to catch someone’s eye.

Don’t be afraid to mix different shades in your outfit, from candy pink to fuchsia…

Monday Moodboard: Pink to make the boys wink

Monday Moodboard: Pink to make the boys wink

1. Anthropologie, 2. Ted Baker, 3. Rene Walrus, 4. Sophia Webster, 5. Shourouk, 6. Sophia Webster

And how about a little dip dye to finish off the look?


Of course the sure fire way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach and I know I couldn’t refuse these dark chocolate and blood orange glaze donuts

fbc1c10e896face6c149b2c624fcf09d But however you celebrate this Valentine’s Day, as a couple or not, don’t forget the most important rule of love is…

Love yourself first moto

♥♡♥ Janet ♥♡♥

Janet McCrorie is designer, blogger and owner of Rene Walrus, an award winning jewellery design studio based in Edinburgh, making hand crafted, couture accessories for brides worldwide.
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Vows Award for Best Bridal Accessories 2013!!!

Well it was a wonderful surprise last week that we won the Vows Award for Best Bridal Accessories 2013! (I was in my pj’s with a mug of hot milk when I received the news that we’d won…yip that’s just how rock n roll I am these days.)


Thanks so much to my wonderful friend Mette from Feja Designer Dressmaker who was also nominated for best Bridal Dress Designer, who picked up the award in my absence. Luckily she was wearing a little Rene Walrus sparkle in her hair so she was the perfect ambassador.


I still can’t quite believe that we won, this has indeed been a momentous year for Rene Walrus!!!

(Er but I also have an embarrassing confession to admit…  within 5 mins of picking up the Award I’d already chipped a great big lump out of it, woops. I tell you, this pregnancy clumsiness has got a LOT to answer for!)


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Spooky Fashion

It’s Halloween today, one of my favourite days but it’s so easy to get that fancy dress costume wrong so here’s a little inspiration to help you keep it high fashion!

1. Take a leaf out of Tim Walker’s book and release you’re inner goth…


2. Carve yourself a little slice of fashion…


3. Or just why carve it at all? Just accessorize with some lace…

Lace Pumpkin

4. Embrace the sexy witch look…

Sexy Witch

5. Or play couture gimp for the day… (NB. a high ponytail is a must with this look!)


6. And if all else fails, don’t forget, make-up is key…



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Autumn, Almonds and Awards

Oh yeah, it’s Autumn baby, my favourite time of the year…


The colours, the beautiful crisp autumn days, cosying up of the couch, digging out those warm wooly knits and dreaming of becoming a domestic baking goddess. I say dreaming as I always have a yearning at this time of year to don my apron and bake up a storm but to be honest I rarely do this year is going to be different though (yeah right, I say that every year). Maybe it’s because I have my own personal bun in the oven but I have decided that I need to hone my cooking skills. Nothing too fancy mind but I could really do with polishing up my basic kitchen skills so I thought I would start off with this little gem of blackcurrant and almond cake I found on Pinterest


Mmmmm, doesn’t that look yummy!

I’m actually going to swap the blackcurrants for blackberries though because I’ve got some I picked a few weeks ago sitting in the freezer and I’ve been racking my brains what to use them for but I think this recipe would be perfect. Check me out – picking wild blackberries and freezing them – yip, that’s just how I roll ;-) Anyway, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

On a completely unrelated but equally exciting note, Rene Walrus has been nominated for The VOWS Awards again this year! NOMINEE-BUTTON

So a BIG, MASSIVE thank you to all my wonderful brides who nominated me. You guys totally ROCK!!!

And a big congratulations to all the other nominees, you guys ROCK too. There are too many to list here so head on over to the VOWS homepage and check them out…

I can’t wait for the awards party in November, it’s Vegas theme but I don’t think I’ll fit into a Vegas girl outfit with my ever expanding pregnant waistline. Maybe a fat Elvis??? Well it’s not till the 25th so I’ve still got plenty of time to whip something up.

Happy Autumn folks!


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New Jewellery Classes

Woohoo, I’m so excited to announce that I have some new jewellery classes for you….Jewellery Making ClassesWARNING…these might be the last classes for a while since I’ll be on maternity in the new year!!!

So come along, have some fun and make your friends envious of your new found skills. Hope to see you all there. ;-)


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