Match made in heaven

I LOVE Melissa shoes, especially the collaboration they did with Vivienne Westwood, so much so that I simply had to purchase this pair of Lady Dragon shoes when I saw them in the window of Corniche a couple of years ago…

Aren’t they just wonderful?

Unfortunately I’ve only managed to wear them once as they aren’t exactly the most comfortable shoe, the plastic edge on the peep toe front was threatening to sever my big toe. (and they look too fabulous as an ornament on my dressing table!)

But since the usual reason I buy shoes is to wear them and my love for the Melissa brand hasn’t wained, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for some that will really take my breath away (and are comfy to boot).

And today I think I’ve just found them…


It’s a Melissa/Gareth Pugh collaboration and it’s a match made in heaven!

Photos from LayersLondon

So if you like these and you happen to be in London tomorrow you should pop along to this…

 and you might get to meet the main man himself!!!


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